At 28, Marième Badiane, basketball player from Lattes-Montpellier and the France team, has been the mother of a little girl since December 2020.

How was this choice made, in mid-career, where professional sportswomen often favor their thirties and the end of their careers?

It was not a planned pregnancy, we were very happy with this pregnancy but it was not planned. It was an Olympic Games season, I had just resigned a contract…, I finally put the 2020-2021 season on hold. Looking back, I don’t regret at all the fact of having become pregnant young (at 25, editor’s note), it allowed me to come back more easily. If I had done that later, I might not have had the same opportunities to come back.

You continued to train, what was your daily life like during your pregnancy?

There were several phases. First, in the first trimester, I didn’t train. Since I got pregnant at the end of confinement, so I was in pretty good shape. Then, I resumed with a sports trainer to do muscle maintenance and a little cardio. After giving birth, I did nothing for a month, before gradually resuming strengthening. At the end of my maternity leave, I resumed with the physical trainer of my club and we redid a whole process of re-athletics, running, jumps…

Marième Badiane and Marine Johannes enjoyed the midfield! ???#PassionatelyBlue | @MarineJ5

– French basketball teams (@FRABasketball) February 9, 2023

Did you have any doubts about your ability to return to a high level?

As it was not a planned pregnancy, of course I had a whole bunch of questions that crossed my mind. I don’t have many athletes around me who have been pregnant during their career… We don’t know how the body will react, so it makes you think. But… (she thinks) in my head, I was determined to come back. I gave myself the means, I surrounded myself and then here it is… The fact of having continued physical activity, that helped me.

How do you manage a career as a professional sportswoman and the role of mother at the same time?

It is an organization. We have to anticipate, my darling also works, so like in any couple with children, we organize ourselves.

Does your daughter follow you on the go?

No, she’s not coming on the road with me. I try to separate basketball from my personal life.

For what reasons ?

Firstly so as not to impose my daughter on my teammates, but also for me: to allow me to be in optimal conditions to perform on the pitch. Afterwards, she is very present with me, she comes to all the home matches and all my teammates know her…

What would you say to a professional athlete who is reluctant to have a child?

It is possible to come back. There are more and more examples that show this, all sports combined. You just have to surround yourself well and want to.

By Frichka

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