After their success against the Bretons this Friday, March 24, the Nîmes will confidently challenge their two rivals for Europe.

USAM Nîmes 33


The Parnassus.

Half-time: 16-14.

Spectators: approximately 2,500.

Judges: MM. Christmann and Iltis.

USE NUMBERS: Baznik (1st-25th, 2 saves / 14 shots), Demaille (26th-60, 9 saves / 24 including 0/1 pen., 1 goal on 3 shots). Vincent, Gallego (5/5), Derisbourg (1/1), Rebichon (cap, 2/3), R. Salou, Konradsson (2/3), Hesham (6/10), Gibernon (4/6), Acquevillo (0/1), Joblon (0/1), Esparon, Minel (2/6), Peyre, Sanad (10/11, 8/8 pen).

Two minutes to: Acquevillo (15e), R. Salou (24e), Vincent (26e), Joblon (49e).

RENNES SESSIONS: Tabarand (1st-30th and 51st-60th, 2 saves on 22 shots including 0/6 pen.), Espinha (31st-50th, 2 saves / 14 including 0/2 pen.). Delecroix (2/2), Borragan (5/5), Caussé (1/1), Lorvellec, Hochet (cap), R. Briffe (3/6), M. Briffe (3/6), Molinié (2/ 5), Rocha (4/5), Oppedisano (2/2 pen.), Tuzolana (3/7), Cardinal (2/2), Appolinaire (0/1), Guillo (1/2).

Two minutes to: Guillo (9e, 27e), R. Briffe (40e), Borragan (43e).

Score evolution: 1-0 (1re), 3-1 (5e), 5-5 (10e), 6-7 (13e), 10-10 (21e), 13-11 (25e), 15-14 (28e), 17-17 (34e), 22-19 (41e), 26-26 (50e), 29-26 (54e).

This Saturday morning, Usam is where she wanted to be. She won her three matches of March and will quietly watch on TV, this weekend, Toulouse and Chambéry. Hoping that his two rivals for 4th European place (the 5th will not be) stumble. Before facing them, in Haute-Garonne and Savoie in the space of four days, on April 2 and 6. In the meantime, the Nîmes have done the job, seriously. We have the pleasant impression that they arrive launched before this double challenge.

Derisbourg and Sanad launched

Launched like Lou Derisbourg, 21 years old since February 18, recovered from a rupture of the cruciate ligaments. His entry, at the start of the second period and in the position of advanced defender, destabilized tough Cessonnais. And allowed, finally, to widen a first gap (22-19, 41st). “I’m moving slowly but surely, savored Derisbourg. I’m happy to have come back well and to help the team in the race for Europe.”

Despite six absences (including Tobie awaiting a happy event), i.e. a large third of its professional workforce, the Green team then managed to break the lock of the best defense of the championship. The Bretons, who concede an average of 27 goals per game, took 33 at Parnassus. Including 10 from the insatiable Sanad, the elite’s new best director. Where he wants to be, too.

By Frichka

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