The MHB receives Ferencvaros this Tuesday, March 28 as part of the round of 16 second leg of the European League. The Montpellier team won in the first leg (30-36).

Of course, he was in front of his TV on Sunday afternoon. Patrice Canayer could not miss the clash between Toulouse and Nantes, which ended in a draw (33-33). A surely provocative result with a slight smirk on the face of the manager, as the accounting operation of Nantes is doing the business of Montpellier in the race for the title in Starligue (now three points ahead of the “H”). “Not watching the match would not have been professional. We will play them soon (April 8)”, recalls the manager, in a still serious tone.

Seriously, it’s also the key word of the week for the MHB. Because the opposite, even if it no longer exists today, could have been tempting. Large winners of the Hungarians of Ferencvaros last week (30-36) in the first leg, the teammates of Valentin Porte have a solid mattress to approach the return home. Patrice Canayeras a wise old man, appeals to eternal “humility” before thinking, already, of a possible quarter-final of the European League.

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“The advantage I have over the players is that I have a lot of experience in European competitions. I’ve seen too many unlikely scenarios not to stay alert,” he says, thinking in particular to the feat – among others – that Flensburg had achieved in 2007 in the knockout stages of the Champions League, during which the Germans overthrew Celje in the second leg by going up a gap of ten goals.

Jaime Fernandez at the rendezvous

No laurels on which Montpellier can calmly rest. Not even before starting the crazy straight line that awaits him between Starligue, European League and Coupe de France, three competitions in which he can still claim something.

Moreover, looking at the calendar for April, the Hérault staff must already start thinking about the physical management of their group. With a big question mark: the ability of rookie Jaime Fernandez to keep up with this frantic pace. The 26-year-old Spaniard risks being pampered, the left wing being bald by the injuries of Hugo Descat (cruciate ligaments of the knee, end of the season) and Lucas Pellas (face). “He has to get used to playing twice a week. He has the physical capacity to do it,” said Canayer.

Arrived at the end of February, Fernandez has already reassured all his little world. In his first three appearances (13 goals), he seemed quite connected with his new teammates. “There too, we are not crazy. I heard doubts about our choice to go for a player in German D2 (Nordhorn-Lingen). He is still a Spanish international and was voted best player in the Spanish league (2019-2020)”, recalls his manager. Fernandez is now linked to the MHB until 2026. The end of the season awaiting the club is the best way to show the player that he made the right choice.

With the same

This Tuesday (8:45 p.m.) at the FDI Stadium, the MHB receives Ferencvaros, a Hungarian team from the suburbs of Budapest, for the round of 16 second leg of the European League, a week after the first leg (30-36).

The group : Bolzinger, Desbonnet. Simonet, Villeminot, Berthier, Bos, Fernandez, Panic, A. Lenne, Skube, Konan, Dubois, Jensen, Porte (cap.), Y. Lenne, Nacinovic.

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