The second place of the Frontignanais in Proligue raises many questions.

By going to challenge Tremblay, fourth in the standings at a distance of one point, Frontignan Thau Handball can, this Friday evening, further push the limits set at the start of the season by reason and humility.

Economic reality

On a series of ten consecutive victories, the men of Asier Antonio are there where they were not expected, firmly planted on their handball made of speed, pride and solidarity. But also hopes as well as questions. Because what will happen, at the end of the season, if the muscatier club were to win its sesame for the Starligue? Will we have to rush into the breach to join Montpellier and Paris Saint-Germain in the national elite? Does the decision belong to the FTHB alone?

“Structurally, it is possible because our room meets the specifications”, answers the general manager Benjamin Curabet. “But you also have to present a minimum budget of €1.8 million (Editor’s note: the club is now at nearly €1.2 million). But to maintain it, it would be more around €2.5 million. Sélestat and Istres, which are maintaining, are at 2.4 M€ and 2.8 M€. Ivry, which has just risen, is at 2.9 M€… This is the economic reality.”

To stay in the numbers, the FTHB faces more moneyed teams every Friday, such as Pontault-Combault (€1.6 million), Saran (€2.1 million) or Tremblay who, with his €4.5 million, is already cut for the upper floor. A Starligue whose median budget is also €4.2 million.

Ecosystem around the club

There is therefore still a long way to go, especially since these teams play in halls that can accommodate at least 1,500 people, compared to 750 at Ferrari. “Perhaps, in two or three years, we will have a suitable room. It is necessary because, to be viable, you have to do ticketing. But also events. It is absolutely necessary to improve outside the field, create a real ecosystem around the club and become an event player in the Thau basin. We have to ensure that the communities are a support, on which we will no longer be dependent. To do this, we have to create a sports society and welcome new many partners.

The game to the players

The FTHB has become accustomed to doing things in the right order, building its professionalism step by step. There is no reason for that to change. But if the budget, although minimal, reaches the conditions to evolve in Starligue, it will be necessary to follow the acceleration of the pace. “Let the players play, let the administrators work, let’s build and stabilize the club’s economic situation. For the moment, sportingly, we are building a team that will be at least as competitive next year. And if that happens, of course we will ask ourselves the question. But we will never ask players to lose a match. Never.”

By Frichka

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