The Muscatiers, beaten 40-35 this Friday, March 24, are still fighting at the top of the table.

It had to end one day. Undefeated in Proligue since November 25, beaten at the time by Tremblay at Ferrari, the promoted Frontignan had then reversed everything in his path. Ten opponents have actually folded in as many games, for the best series achieved this season in Proligue.

An exceptional journey which led Asier Antonio’s men to second place when they visited this Tremblay team which, decidedly, will not remain among the favorite playmates of the FTHB.

A locked top 5

Despite a good start, the Frontignanais were behind by four goals after about twenty minutes, a gap that would remain the same for most of the game. As in the first leg, former international Cyril Dumoulin will have done damage in his goals. But with forty achievements, the Ile-de-France attack has also been prolific.

Even if, on arrival, it is relatively weak, the gap between the two formations has therefore once again manifested itself. Budget gap (€1.2 M for the FTHB, €4.5 M for Tremblay), but also experience gap.

Even if we could catch ourselves dreaming for a few weeks, there is therefore a form of logic in this result. Nothing serious, and above all no questioning to be done. Today fifth in the standings, the FTHB continues its apprenticeship but remains in this top 5 which already seems inaccessible to the pursuers. Caen is six points behind Frontignan, which only has one over Tremblay and Saran (3rd and 2nd) and is back to back with Pontault-Combault (4th). This Friday, there will be a Dijon (1st) / Saran followed, two days later by a Caen / Pontault-Combault. The FTHB will receive Cherbourg at Ferrari…

By Frichka

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