At Usam Nîmes since 2017, Egyptian international right winger Mohammad Sanad, 32, dreams of making history with the Green team. Before the reception of Cesson, this Friday March 24 at 8 p.m. at Parnassus on the occasion of the 21st day of Staligue, the most French of Egyptians played the game of the interview.

In Starligue, he is undoubtedly one of the best specialists in his position. Mohammad Sanad, 32, the Egyptian international right winger of Usam Nîmes, is also in 2nd place in the scorer rankings (132) this season. His 16 achievements… out of 16 shots (!) Sunday in Limoges (38-32) confirmed his status. Interview.

Tell us a bit about your performance in Limoges and this 100% shooting?

Already, when you start to score 2 or 3 goals in a row (5 after 8′) like that, you have more confidence and you are ready to shoot, to take shots. There were many on the counter-attack, too (7 in the 1st period). When you go out at half-time with 11 goals, you tell yourself that it’s good but you know that in the second half, you won’t have as many shots. Even if I was ready to take more (5 in 2nd).

And in addition, there was victory at the end. Perfect.

Victory was the most important thing. We are still in the race for the top 5 (6th), even I hope the top 4 if we can have the momentum. Keep it up and see what happens.

Can we say that Usam will play its season in four days, in Toulouse (5th, April 2) then in Chambéry (4th, 6)?

There, there is already Cesson, the best defense in the championship. You will have to be concentrated for 60 minutes and be very strong in defense, too. In the first leg, we narrowly won (23-22). Afterwards, if we win, yes, there will be Toulouse and Chambéry there. But if you want to achieve your goal, you have to play to win against these two direct competitors.

Under contract until 2025, how do you see the rest? Is replaying the Champions League (known with Logrones, Spain, 2016/2017) still a goal?

This is the sixth season I’ve been here (since 2017). I wish I could win something, I dream of it. I want a title with Usam. If I manage to achieve that, a Cup or otherwise, I can say that I was part of the team that made history. Afterwards, the Champions League, I know, it’s very strong, you gain experience. But I don’t think about that too much. I think above all of what I can give with my club or my selection. Afterwards, I’m not going to say that it’s a dream to play it again, but it will be a plus if I manage to play it again…

With Acquevillo but without Poyet against Cesson

This Friday, at Parnasse, it’s Green carnival. All fans are invited to come in costume, with a contest. If the show is in the stands, on the floor, it could be less impressive in terms of goals against Cesson, the best defense in the championship… and the worst attack. This Usam, with the rear Acquevillo but without the pivot Tom Poyet (ankle), absent for a few weeks, is on a mission. ”Against Cesson, it has always been committed matches, hooked. We expect great adversity,” notes Yann Balmossière, Vranjes’ assistant.

The group : Baznik, Demaille (g.). Vincent, Gallego, Derrisburg, Rebichon, R. Salou, Konradsson, Hesham, Gibernon, Acquevillo, Tobie, Joblon, Minel, Peyre, Sanad.

Absent: Dupuy (thumb), Kamtchop-Baril, Sissoko (cruciate ligaments), Tesio (ischio), Poyet (ankle).

By Frichka

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