Former goalkeeper of the France team, double world champion, passed by Nîmes and Montpellier, former president of the National Handball League (NHL), Bruno Martini, 52, recounts with emotion his descent into hell.

On Wednesday January 25, 2023, the Paris court sentenced him to a suspended twelve-month prison sentence, a fine of 2,500 euros and a five-year ban on exercising a professional or voluntary activity for possession of child pornography and corruption. of minor.

Bruno Martini gave an interview to our colleagues from L’Equipein which he explains, bluntly, what led him to this shipwreck.

Depressed, alone in Paris, the former player sinks during the Covid health crisis and confinement. “I went on a social network (Snapchat) taking a pseudonym and I registered on all the dating sites that exist. Nothing made sense anymore.”

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He comes into contact with a young man, between May and June 2020. He claims to have never known that he was a 13-year-old minor. After an exchange of photos of a sexual nature, they decide to meet. “I took him an Uber. When he arrived at the foot of my building, he told me that he had to leave and he asked me to order another Uber for him”. They never saw each other.

The ex-keeper admits that when he learned the age of the one he thought was of age, he “was flabbergasted. I was ashamed, so ashamed”.

“I’ve done things that aren’t me”

Will follow the complaint of the mother of the minor, the police custody, the “plead-guilty”. Bruno Martini recognizes that during this period, he drowned in sex. He met around twenty people, adult men and women (20 to 40 years old), but denied being a sexual predator.

“If I was one, I would have gone to Tik Tok, where the young people are and the pedophiles go. I am not a pedophile. truth.”

The former NHL president apologizes to his children, his ex-wife, and concludes: “My life is a field of ruins. I will have to live with this guilt and this shame for having made this happen to my family. What is certain is that my life ended on January 23, 2023.”

The comments made by the player commit only him.

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