Facing Charleville-Mézières, the Gazelles will want to capitalize this Sunday March 12 during the 16th day of LFB.

Hard not to ignite after such a victory. Stick 24 of them to a formation as solid as Villeneuve-d’Ascq, “assumed candidate for the title”according to BLMA coach Valéry Demory, this is never trivial.

In the North, it was the Belgian leader Julie Vanloo who lit the fire first. Four three-point shots in the second quarter for the spectacular number 35, which allowed the Gazelles to lead 45-24 at the break, knocking out the Palacium. Vanloo, who finished the game with the MVP title and a nice 18 points-8 assists, at 6/8 on three-point shooting.

Podium in sight

“When we are so successful behind the arc, at 63% (14/23), it’s very hard to beat ourselvesremarks Demory, very happy with the performance of the girls. “But the Hérault performance comes mainly from defensive work with only 57 points conceded. A feat against what is usually the second best attack in LFN (77.9 pts / game). “It was a test for us, to calibratedetails the BLMA coach. We can say that it was conclusive.”

Now with 3rd place (or even 2nd) in sight, and chasing behind the Bourges-Lyon duo, Lattes Montpellier must keep up the pace. “On our form at the moment, I tell myself that we have something to play for at the end of the season”hopes the technician at the head of the Gazelles, while remaining cautious in the face of the adversity which presents itself on the shores of the Mediterranean this Sunday. “The Carolo Flames beat us in the first leg, we’re not going to take them down”he adds.

“Charleville, a team of attackers”

Sixth in the standings, the Ardennaises undermined the Latto-Montpelliéraines in the first leg at the end of November. Beaten 72-58, the BLMA had scored only 16 points in the second half, undermined by a lost battle on the rebound. 44 catches for the Carolomacériennes (16 for Engstler alone) against only 25 for Marième Badiane and her teammates. A sector that has been worked on this week? “Not necessarily, we mainly focused on our defensesays Demory. Charleville is a team of attackers, you shouldn’t play them on that aspect.”

Even if the BLMA are “on fire” at the moment, be careful not to consume their lead, by losing points at home, this Sunday at 3:15 p.m.

By Frichka

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