Before a dantesque month of April, Naigre and the Gazelles must ensure this Friday March 24 at 8 p.m.

Do not look down on your opponent, such is the challenge of the BLMA this week. Simple on paper, much less on the pitch, in a sport of skill where the ball can do its thing, with a hoop and a board together. Penultimate, the Breton club of Landerneau does not have many arguments to shake a BLMA installed in second place.

A complicated game?

“It can be a complicated game”, warns Élodie Naigre, suspicious of a club she knows very well. Having stayed four seasons in Finistère, where she was part of a historic rise in LFB, the Guadeloupe interior of BLMA evokes a match that she approaches “like a normal match, even if I have very good friends opposite”.

Less used than last season in the league (17 minutes against 22 last season), the number 13 of Lattes-Montpellier has seen its statistics decline somewhat, even if its address has increased, especially on free throws (from 69% to 73.1%).

“I play a little less, it’s true, but I know that the coach has confidence in meannounce “Now”. The group is doing well, I try to bring my stone to the building with each outing.”

Make fire with all wood

After the false step at home against the Flames Carolo, and a renewed solidity at Roche Vendée, the BLMA must blow on the embers and on the Breizh… The fire must be great before attacking an incandescent month of April. On the program, a trip to Basket Landes (5th) and the reception of Lyon (1st) then Bourges (4th). “It’s a good way to gauge yourself before the play-offsadvances Naigre, ready to do battle. The goal is always to be Top 4, even if it’s almost done. We also don’t forget that we can still be first.”

This Friday, March 24, at 8 p.m., Élodie Naigre and the Gazelles will try to set fire to the sports hall. Easier in the presence of arsonists like Julie Vanloo or Migna Touré.

By Frichka

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